11\29\08: Baldwin Hills

im ready for the new season & it airs january 27th 2009 ... but let me say:

i love when i see men stand up for themselves. i love when girls try to bring drama around them but they dont settle for it. they tell the girl just like it is and let her know that she needs to step off! ya digg! what i mean is: guys need to stand up for themselves and not bother with these crazy chicks! i remember last season on baldwin hills, i was watching this one episode, man... lor'rena just pisses me off! shes a beautiful girl, but with that attitude! omg! shes full of drama and so pathetic! its rediculous. moriah got under my skin when he settled for her drama, lowering his standards (if he has any) and deciding to meet up with her at his house just to play basketball! are you serious? now come on moriah, you should have know from the jump that she was all about drama, she wasnt just trying to play "basketball"! duh... and even that rediculous beef she had with garren and how she came up to moriah right in his girlfriend's presence trying to hook up! omg! shes so childish. i just wish moriah would have set her straight right then and told her the business. told her that she was pathetic and that he has a girl, that he doesnt need her and that hes happy. but at the same time, moriah isnt even that mature to realize that. i cant stand when i see guys let girls bring drama and stupidity around them. now there are several guys who put girls through drama as well, but in this document im talking about guys standing up for themselves. im absolutely turned on by men who are strong, hardworking, sure of who they are and know what they need. they arent into these girls who put themselves out there, messes around, brings drama or acts childish. i love to see men be strong and confident, knowing just what theyre looking for and knowing when they see it. see me, im not about the drama or childishness. however, ive had my days of going through drama and rediculous situations but i wasnt the one bringing the drama, he was. i meant him good but he meant me stupidity. ive came across several guys who act so childish and thats definitely a pet peeve of mine! but when i see drama coming, i move away from it. now i like guys who are attractive BUT! im attracted to guys who have their heads on right, knows who they are and exactly what they want and theres a big difference between what i like and what im attracted to. my attractions are stronger than my likes and im attracted to strong, confident men. men who stand up for whats right, men who know what they like, and men who put these childish girls in their places and tell them to keep it moving with the games! so i just wanted to put that out there. as for those brothas that are strong minded and totally "so not the drama"...i applaud you! holla! -baby doll outtie ♥

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