I ♥ that song "Cry" by Lyfe Jennings.

sometimes i just need to cry. i heard tyra banks say one day if you feel the need to cry, then cry. dont walk around with that hurt inside you. let it out right then, even if you have to walk away and find some privacy, go cry and let it out. this year, 2008, ive held all of my hurt inside but now i know that a part of letting it go means to let it out. i want to let all my hurt and my pain out. i want to let go of my past.

so i know thats going to require some crying. theres nothing wrong with crying. its good for the soul, its like a cleansing. it may feelweak sometimes but its really making you stronger. when i was younger i cried because i was hurt all the time but i grew to the point where i stopped crying. growing up i never saw my mother cry but once and that was when her mother died. other than that, she never really cried or showed any emotion. so i thought i had to be tough and never cry. i got to the point where i wouldnt even cry to God becausei thougth He would think i was weak.

but let me tell you something, we all need to cry, just let things go and cry it out of our systems. sometimes we try to let things go in reality without letting it go inside. crying doesnt make anyone weak, holding it in is weak. having too much pride to where you don teven want to cry hen your alone is unhealthy. but yeah, i just thought id put that out there & theres nothing wrong with crying...

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