02\4\09 Senioritis?

ok...first off let me say that i went to see "Mall Cop" yesterday and it was funny! go see it! but um back to your regular scheduled blog: so its my senior year and im a semester away from walking across that stage. i know that it will be here in no time therefore i have no time to waste. i have five classes and 17 credit hours, my classes are quite difficult but im sure ill manage just like ive been doing. im really determined to make all A's but i know thats going to take everything i have. the problem is lately ive been so lazy! im not sure whats going on but all i want to do is eat and sleep. now thats wonderful but when theres work to be done, thats not so wonderful. i really need something to put me back into "work mode".

my goal for the rest of this semester is to work harder, be eager about my classes, practice better eating habits (which is hard to do at this university but theres always subway!), find a personal trainer to help me out in the gym, be more excited about life everyday i awake and have fun! have fun studying, have fun working hard and have fun having fun! i need to put my best foot forward and no matter how hard it gets, im sure it will pay off. i shall spend tonight alone to take time to think about somethings and continue to encourage myself to stay focused!
-Baby Doll chucks da dueces!

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