Baldwin Hills Season 3

i have to say this season of baldwin hills was WACK! i thought it was completely boring, i mean they had good situations going on but they way the cast delivered was absolutely boring. that didnt sit well with me because i enjoy watching baldwin hills so i had high expectations for this season. i was not impressed. that beef between garren (shes always in the bulk of the drama) and ashley was childish. i dont think it was right of ashley to talk to garren's ex, moriah, but for that rediculous beef to go on for the entire season was lucid! i couldnt believe justin though, i mean aysia was a nice girl, beautiful and sweet but she wasnt for him. i always knew he liked seiko and i dont understand how he lost sight of that in the first place. then he came at her, at the end of the season, to let her know how he really felt about her like she was going to accept that. that was totally selfish! now sometimes you may not realize you have feelings for someone until theyre about to walk out your life and i understand that. but i feel like seiko was right infront of his face all along and he should have stayed with her and continued what they started in season two. however, i did feel bad for stacey losing her baby and i liked the events that she, garren and seiko did for the youth BUT it was still a wack season! if you ask me, they should have kept Lo'Rena on the show! lol she was the life of season two! so anyways, season three was wack and im not really looking forward to season four...

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