UPDATE: ok so its january 21 2009 and i couldnt be anymore greatful to be alive in this new year. God has blessed me...

since spring 2007 my life was a living hell, literally. no one knew but it surely was. however, i have come to realize that i stood the test of time and im absolutely elated to be here in 2009 with all of my pain, frustration and my past behind me. God really covered me through it all...

so anyways...ok! ive been doing so good so far! i havent gone shopping at all this year! now i know its only the 21st day of the month but thats long enough for me! im getting paid on the 30th and i have already told myself "no shopping!" if anything i have to get my phone turned back on! but yeah im holding it together, staying focused, preparing for graduate school and studying for the GRE. im considering grad school at the university of central florida, texas state university or university of california davis! so yep, im pretty much doing all of that and some mo! im also planning on doing some serious traveling this year! im sick and tired of north carolina! theres so much more out there and im determined to go get it.

so yep, in a nut-shell 2009 is working good for me so far. i know this is going to be my year! but most of all i want to stay focused academically, continue learning more about myself and stay strong in my relationship with God. Heaven knows ive been living wreckless for the past 2 yrs but i thank God for restoring me. im determined to continue being a better person, doing more for others than myself and stay focused! thats it! its all mine in 2009! -baby doll out... ♥

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