12\31\2008 : My New Years Resolution

now anyone who knows me well knows that i have bad money management! i spend all my money in the worst ways & then when i really need something, im BROKE! i used to have a shopping addiction! my addiction was terrible, if i saw something, i had to have it! this addiction was so bad that i once got myself -$710 in debt! sheesh! now i know that there are many people who have gotten into worse debt but this was worse enough for me! i couldnt believe i had done such a thing. swipping my credit card is so addictive and i get carried away with it! i love shopping! shopping! & more shopping! shopping is a fun thing to do and we all love it, but it can also be dangerous as far as getting into debt bc of the lack of responsibility and self control. therefore... i have been working on my shopping addiction and i have been doing really well lately. i havent over-drafted since february 2008 and thats a great thing for me. ive over-drafted 3 times i think, once -$710, then -$230 and then -$78...man that was rediculous and at the time, i only had my credit card for one year. but im thankful that i am doing better and able to control myself. the other day i was in a mall in richmond, va and in it was wet seal, forever 21, new york & company, charlotte russe, body central, bebe, american outfitters, up against the wall and everything else! you want to talk about somebody tempted! sheesh! i was beyond tempted but guess what...i held it together! i even challenged myself and walked into all the stores, went window shopping and i didnt spend a penny! i was so proud of myself! but during december 2008 i was thinking of what my new years resolution should be for 2009 and i came to a great resolution... "to do more for others than myself"... and this is bc i spend all my money on me! how selfish right? well it is. im realizing that im getting older and soon i will have bills to pay, i cant keep spending all my money on myself and fashion while my account balance is over-drawn. i have to do better and do more for others as well as control my spending and even increase my payments in my tithes & offering! its not easy but it is easy if you have a made up mind and i do. no more wreckless spending! its time for me to do better as well as do more for others, help my church and my community more...

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