The City

man i miss being in new york! i was such a huge fan of "the hills" & now im really enjoying "the city." i really dig this show because its real and it shows how life can be in a fast paced city full of drama, good times, decieving people & high fashion. i think whitney is doing a great job so far as far as handling herself out there. however, i do feel like she has fallen too soon for a guy she just met. another thing that kinda gets to me is olivia! geeze! can somebody put an aldo high heel in her mouth! shes is beautiful and she knows the business very well but shes too on herself sometimes. she just talks to much & talks about herself all the time. i think she should let whitney live her life instead of trying to live it for her. but other than that, its a great show! -monday nights @ 10 on mtv....

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