America's Next Top Model?

Tyra: "you girls have come a long way, and the judges have reached their decision. america's next top model is... ebony!"

Ebony(me): "oh gosh! tyra! really! yeessssss!"

My mind in reality: "um how bout not! LOL"

i just wanted to say that i love being that girl who people keep pursuading to be a model. i think i get more "model" attention this way then i would if i actually were one! but anyways...

some of these women who go on America's Next Top Model really get under my skin! your how old? 25! and your crying over the fact that you have to cut your hair off! are you serious! i mean i know some of them have been growing it since forever but who cares! you want to be a model right! they do all this crying and complaining and then after they get their hair cut, they look a million times better! get it together ladies! woman up, its just hair goodness!... so why wont i go on ANTM? well...its because i dont want to be a model. ive thought about it and ive been asked several times to work in malls as a window model. ive also been asked by a several photographers and few agents on MySpace (pretty groovy!) about being a make-up & commercial model. but i think ill pass. i mean i just never wanted to do the modeling thing. im not skinny enough, nor do i have the height! lol and trust me, im fine with that! everyone cant be 5'9 and a size 4! hehehe! now i wouldnt mind doing photo shoots just for fun or some catalog modeling but im not trying to pro here!(but i would have to be careful cause ive been told i got the pro looks! jp) im sure it would be nice walking runways, getting $2000 per runway or photo shoot, living in different states, touring the world and getting dolled up everyday but i dont want that life. its not what im trying persue and i love meat too much to give it up! lol (im sure some models do eat fried chicken though!)

but big ups to Tyra, Gisele, Naima, Eva, Tyson, Paulo (my boo!), every hardworking model out there and even the amateur models who are still trying! lol never give up! haha i applaud them all and the fact that africans and african americans are totally taking over the bizz! its not easy doing what they do and i know they put forth hard work and and time. but to all those who keep asking and encouraging me to be a model... NO! lolol thanks but no thanks.

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