Just b|c Im Single...

Okay! Just because im single doesnt mean i want a relationship! ive been through -hell- with guys plus im too stingy with my time. anyways, i mean if you text me that doesnt mean i have to reply. if you call me that doesnt mean i cant hit ignore. i will get back at you when i want to. you dig?

i definitely enjoy the freedom of being single. i can do what i want, i can chill with whoever i want, i dont have to worry about getting him valentines day gifts, birthdays or chirstmas, i dont have to worry about calling him, doing this or that...oh man! im just single! single and in control! yes! now im not saying that being in a -real- relationship is bad or anything because its a wonderful thing, but being single is too! *people need to realize that and stop complaining* therefore, i cant stand when guys get my number (if they do) and think that they can ease their ways into my life. just because im single doesnt mean im looking for someone or making myself available. i cant stand when guys jump to conclusion.first of all you dont really know me and that takes time, especially with a woman like me, second of all you dont know what ive been through or what may be going on in my life so why are you making all these plans and assumming that just because your being nice im going to want to be with you and third of all, how do you know if whether or not i just really want to continue being single?!?! man are guys a trip or what!

now im not saying that i dont appreciate what they do for me or the fact that theyre interested because i appreciate that to the fullest. i respect all of their feelings and i admire their reasons of interest. however, some of them need to slow down because their trying to rush into something that doesnt exist. im single and im loving it. i just got out of a horrible relationship so im just doing me for right now. sometimes i wish guys would get to know me for me, not get to know me to make it seem like their taking their time or concerned only to get close to me and use me or quickly be with me because that doesnt work with me!

see to know me, you have to know what ive been through. you have to understand my struggles and my heart and that takes time. so you dont have to rush and quickly assume that im feeling you, that i want to chill or call you. please! i do what i want when i want to! not being cocky or stuck up, but im being real and if your getting bothered maybe your the one whos trying to hollah and you see that you wont be getting anywhere with that! ha! if your getting mad and begining to judge me, then maybe this is about you. but your reading this and your just chillin and getting informed then i applaud you! your just taking your time and trying to get to know me. *hurray!

my point is that im single! and i dont have to do what i dont want to do. if i dont call you, its probably because i forgotand if i forgot please tell me why i cant remember you! mmm... maybe you need to get it togther, or maybe you didnt approach me right, or may be... just maybe ive already heard about you and i know what your up to so im really not wasting my time! just because im single doesnt mean i want a relationship. this also goes for fellas that may be in the same boat towards females. so dont worry about being with me, focus on trying to get to know me. i may be beautiful and i may seem cool...yeah you think you know, but you have no idea! hollah!

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