03\14\09 P.G.I.T.R.

Pretty Girl In The Room ♥ i just wanted to say that the statement in this picture is so very true. dont we all wish the world could just get along and give credit where credit is due without being jealous. lately, ive realized how dangerous jealousy is. it amazes me as far as the things people will do to you only because they are jealous of you. people will ruin your reputation if its the last thing they do, only because their jealous and insecure with themselves. people, males and females, have done so many terrible things to me because of jealousy. ive lost so many friends because of jealousy and thats why i dont trust anyone.

now honestly, i think its just GAY when a man is jealous of a woman! i mean come on! if you got a girl thats fly, beautiful, independent and financially stable you should be proud of her! glad to claim her not eager to hate on her. i remember when i was in a relationship with a guy who was jealous of me. he would always criticize the way i would dress, he wanted to know where i was and who i was with at all times, he would get so jealous if his fraternity brothers would talk to me and he would always say "dont you ever, for once think you are or you look better than me because you dont." right then i saw he was jealous and threatened by my appearance and self confidence. now i have to admit, those types of relationships are dangerous, not only will people try to destroy you but your partner will as well. because of his jealousy and unability to control me, he decided to destroy me. he went around spreading lies about me and caused so much drama between me and other females just to make himself look and feel important. how GAY is that! i hope hes reading this by the way. now he and i arent together anymore, letting him go wasnt easy because i really cared for him but at the same time he didnt deserve me. and yes, he ruined my reputation amongst a lot of people who know me but its all good.

at first i was absolutely furious towards the situation but now im cool about it. its messed up but i rather enjoy the fact that he was intimidated by me & laugh at it because it lets me know that im doing my part as far as doing me. i cant help that im a confident and beautiful individual and i have learned not to change or down-grade who i am for no one. i will continue to be that humble pretty girl who turns heads, who is independent, confident and so very wise. its amazing what people will do to you because of their insecurities, wow! so anyways "how bout a round of applause, standing ovation!" but not for him doing what he did to me or the others who have tried to destroy me, but for me continuing to be the beautiful & strong individual i am inspite of...


  1. There's a few quotes that should keep you going girl..

    'Keep your head up gorgeous, people would KILL to see you fall.'


    'The shit that they say might be true... or it could be as fake as the bitch who told you.'

    Obviously your ol' boy doesn't realize that you are GROWN and Independent. You don't need a man hun. You can take care of yourself. We are not in high school anymore. He needs to get a reality check.

    You do YOU and don't let anyone stop them. If friends believe that shit he spread, they aren't friends.

    You're too beautiful and smart to let this affect you, which I see it has, yet you are learning from it.

    Keep your head up.


  2. It sucks the most when the people closest to you become to the source of pain and heartache in your life. Sorry to hear that you had to go through this, but it seems like you handled it well. God bless chica!!

  3. your right leslie. its all good tho & thanks mama :)