2\23\09 Fathers...

have you ever heard the song "he said, she said" by lupe fiasco or "daughters" by john mayer...

well ive always heard that the way your father treats your mother is the way his daughter will be treated. my parents arent together but my mom sure has told me about her relationship with my dad. i asked her about it because i was thinking about the way my ex treated me. then i thought about a document that my friend bethany wrote and in it she was discussing that the way her dad treated her mom is the way she has been treated by men. she found herself in an abusive relationship and she believed that it came back around because it was the way her dad treated other women and her mom. her dad even talked to her and admitted that it was possibly true because of what he put her mom through.

my dad was very controlling and abusive to my mom. my mom is a strong individual. shes been through so much and i cant believe shes still standing today. but shes strong and God kept her through it all. she was telling me how abusive my dad was to her. she met him at a young age. for me, growing up and seeing my friends with their families and hearing girls talking about being a "daddys girl" always bothered me because i wished i could have know what that felt like. i do wish he was there, but God saw the type of person he was so i dont believe he was meant to be in my life. however, its not like my mom is one of those bitter women who sits here talking about all the bad things and making my dad out to be the bad guy, but shes telling me straight up the way things were. he was abusive and controlling, he was a jealous person and i believe that and i know that my mom wouldnt lie to me.

me and my mom are so similar and we gone through similar things. ive been through abusive relationships, assult & all types of hell with men. but its funny because when i look at the things ive been through with guys, i see that my mom went through it with my dad. now isnt that odd, but its real. so maybe what my dad has done is only coming back around but this time what hes reaping is being taken out on me, his daughter. i dont know ...but it makes a lot of since... -baby doll exits stage left...


  1. I believe that to be true because the bible says something concerning that. Im not a biblical scholar or but there are a few chapters in there imply that the children will pay for the sins of their faters alot of times. Your story is deep though...

    Isaiah 65:7
    Jeremiah 32:18

  2. Anytime. And now that i think about it, maybe it wasnt that you dad didnt want to see you. Maybe he was too ashamed to face you. Thats just the optimist in me

  3. wow. thats possibly 100% true, and i really think that had a lot to do with it. thanks love :)