What Goes Around... Comes Around

yesterday i had a talk with one of my closest friends. we discussed everything that we have been going through as individuals, we talked about our spiritual lives, we talked about guys, friends, relationships, heartbreaks and all that good stuff. after our talk, i couldnt help but think about how i spent so much of my time with the wrong guys. lately i have realized whos been real and fake in my life. it hasnt been easy accepting it, but i would rather know the truth than be a fool to keep the peace. i must say im glad that certain people are out of my life now, especially a lot of guys. there are so many guys i used to be involved with and i cant believe i believed some of them were really down for me! the things so many of them put me through have been heartbreaking. but whats funny is when i sit back and see it come back around on them. for instance, one of my exes did me dirty, but when i see him now, hes going through hell, he still cant graduate, he had a baby on the way but his girl got an abortion and hes suffering from it. another one of my exes has moved on with another girl but let me say if thats what you call love, im so glad im not in love with him! their relationship is pretty much based on sex, they say their in love yet they lie and cheat on each other like its no problem! its funny because he lost something good to settle for a girl whos out there, has a name for herself and has no class whats so ever. and how about the academy award winner, who has done everything in the book to me. when i look at him today, all is see is confusion. he moved on a while back but that ended and he wonders why his relationships cant last. he wonders why love doesnt work for him and its because of what hes done to me and so many others. the other week i saw him and he said "ebony ive been trying to talk to you about somethings because i know i did you wrong in the past and im sorry." i replied "you and i arent friends and we never will be, no hard feelings, you know you did me wrong and thats all needs to be said between us. im over you." i just have to say im so glad im not these three guys mentioned in this blog or the others who have done me wrong. im glad those chapters in my life are closed and now i know i dont have to settle for guys who wont love me for me. im done wasting time trying make someone see if they dont see. so in the end im walking away with a mended heart and lessons learned. so its all good, the point is you live and you learn. what goes around comes around. people change. period.

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