The Appeal

its 1:20 am. i just got home from a wonderful day at my sister's house. i had an amazing time, this spring break was fabolous. i didnt do much but the important things are that i spent time with my family, i relaxed and most of all i had a lot of time to myself to think about some things. spending time with yourself is such a healthy thing. ive learned so much about myself, good and bad & im really pressing towards becoming a better person and more than anything, i really want to be so much closer to God. i just need Him to make me over, i really want a change with in myself. i dont care about holding on to people or things anymore, whatever and whoever is no longer in my life is gone for a reason. ive realized where my place is in this world and that place is in Christ. it crazy how it has taken so much for me to realize that but now i see. the Lord has carried me through so much, im truly blessed and now its time to take my mind off of whats around me and let God take care of it all. my life is truly in His hands & im thankful to have a savior who loves me and can take care of my every need. the best is yet to come! so right now, God is my main focus... ♥

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