4\13\09 Growing Pains

"to grow is to change"
what does it mean to grow?
grow: to attain physical or mental maturity; to realize; to arise.
what does it mean to change?
change: a transformation; modification; to become different.
when i look at my life and i see who ive become, im very touched because i realize the strong, wise and hardworking woman i am. i also see how ive grown in a lot of ways. there are so many things i used to do, places i used to go and people i used to deal with, but now that im mature and more disciplined i dont even bother, some things just get old. i was always the type of person who was ten steps ahead of most people around me. while they found "something new" i was just moving on from it. i get that from growing up around the old folks. i was growing and growing up means to leave a lot of things behind, whether it be friends or things you value. now let me say, there is nothing wrong with growing up. growth is healthy and positive. everything has its time and you know when its time to grow, time to let go of some things, certain friends, certain activities, its just time for a change. i believe that to grow is to change. i believe in change and change is a wonderful thing. its a powerful transformation that allows your mind and spirit to increase and become more mature. regardless if your the only one that feels the need to grow, do it because youll appreciate where it will get you in the long run. people should always stay encouraged no matter what. although we cant change everything around us, we can change to become better individuals. i know it isnt always easy but it will always be worth it. growth is power, you live and you learn, you grow and therefore you change. even though some things will never change, change is still for the better...


  1. good post, i heard this quote about maturity that's very valid

    “The first sign of maturity is the discovery that the volume knob also turns to the left.”