4\30\09 Swine Flu?

i truly believe in the word of God, i believe that famines, pestillence and all types of sufferings are taking place because it is the end of time. i also believe it is slowly manifesting right before our eyes... hurricane katrina, 911, tornados occuring like never before, the changes in the weather, children killing their parents, the war in iraq, high school shootings, the earthquake in italy-a tragic event that even caused the ground to split in half and cars fell in it, and now swine flu. i believe its only a plague from the bible occurring on earth & scientist can continue trying to figure it out but they never will. ive even been told that it didnt come from pigs but from a child who resided in Mexico & began spreading the disease! if you ask me this "swine flu" disease is also being passed around by the secret service and others working for the government. i believe it intentionally began in mexico to get rid of the minority first. so many people are so wrapped up in politics and they dont even realize that the government is working against us, they dont care about us and they never will. even though barack is the president the government doesnt care, there are so many secrets and deeds being done that he doesnt even know about. if you think about it, he barely has any control! things may look good for now by him being president but im sure that in the long run, he wont get far. back to my point...this swine flu is pretty wierd to me, i dont understand how its gone from texas to alabama to new york and wherever else it is! i just think we need to take a look around and realize whats really going on instead of thinking the government stands for us because they dont. its the end of days, people are evil and time is running out. this "swine flu" is such a strange disease & is still under investigation in my world...


  1. umm i dont think the swine flu is an airborne disease and i know that the disease has spread to north carolina as well as virginia through people who have recently travelled to mexico and then came back home but the disease is not as serious as in mexico because it has been caught early enough to be treated.