05\25\09 NBA Finals 2009

i used to be a die-hard nba fan but once the sacermento kings started falling off & then later on they traded ben wallace from the detroit pistons (which greatly affected their defense costing them several losses) i kinda stopped getting into the games. somehow, ive gotten back into the sport and im very into the 2009 playoffs. i dont care what anyone says, im going for Orlando & Denver to make it to the finals! now i have a picture of LeBron up because i must say, "wow, how does he do it." even though im not rooting for the Cavs, i have to give props to LeBron for the amazing player that he is. anyways, i really applaud Orlando for their win lastnight, although LeBron isnt going down without a fight (not literally!) i still dont see the win happening for his team this year... but we shall see!

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