06\06\09 Love is Stronger Than Pride

ive had a lot on my mind lately but its too personal so i really dont want to explain the situation. just let me say that when i think about it, all i feel is pain. now its nothing like heartbreak or something dealing with a guy-not necessarily. just something that was done to me that was completely wrong, i wonder how you YOU sleep at night knowing what youve done.

i strongly dislike being misunderstood. i cant stand when something has been said that is a complete lie and im unable to defend myself and explain how the situation really happened. but i held my peace, i took on the burden of being misunderstood, it wasnt easy and it hurts but i believe what goes around surely comes back around. so theres no need for me to stay stuck on it. -but just know, despite this situation i still have love for YOU- ive done all i can do to make ends meet and ive realized that if someone doesnt want to let things go and forgive me, i cant make them. all i can do is move on and live my life. it. then again, i guess somethings are better left unsaid...

"i guess it wasnt meant for you to speak to me, then i guess it wasnt meant for you to forgive me. just know that i dont hate you, but trust me i have tried. however, i still truly love you. love is stronger than pride."


  1. You've done what you had to do. You asked for forgiveness thats all you can do. You just have to wait till they heal to be forgiven sometimes which is sad... Learn from your mistakes as it makes you stronger and if you truly love you'll learn from your mistakes give it another try if it works it works if it doesn't it wasn't meant to be. You are absolutely beautiful finding someone i bet is real easy for you just take your time heal first if you dont you might just trip again... And life goes on

  2. its takes a brave heart and a good one to ask for forgivness,and to me you've done the most noble thing under the situation.go on with your life dear they will soon find out what they are missing and come running back to you.i only pray that you are not too far away from them.stay blessed.